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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rainy days and other random thoughts from Switzermania

We’ve finally hit a patch of rainy days! Although it’s only drizzle, it’s a lot more like we expected the weather to be down here. When the weather is sunny we feel like we have to be out seeing and doing things to make the most of it, so it’s nice to be able to stop and relax! Dazz has been able to catch up on his photos, too, so check out the album for new additions.

On a rainy day it’s still quite dark at 8am – too dark to get up Dazz reckons. It feels like it’s getting dark enough to start cooking dinner around 4:30pm… we’re not quite old enough to be eating dinner at 5pm though.

A trip to church at Penguin on Sunday has resulted in an offer to house-sit for the pastor for three weeks starting on Friday. It’s good timing as that’s when our end of semester marking starts. The house is in Burnie, and although it’s back from the water it’s on a bit of a hill and we can see Bass Straight above the other houses further down the hill. Power, inside hot showers (that don’t cut out after 3 minutes without putting in another 20c), TV, sea views… luxury!

I think everyone in Tasmania has a wood fire. And you haven’t seen a woodpile until you’ve seen one down here…

We’re still not used to seeing green grass everywhere. They say it’s been dry, but compared to home it’s lush.

In the last month we haven’t traveled further than 100km from Devonport. We keep doing circles and loops and try to always find a different road home from places we visit. ‘It’s just beautiful, isn’t it!’ seems to be often repeated in the car when we’re driving.