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Friday, May 22, 2009

The country to the city and back again

Getting out of Melbourne traffic and back to pokey roads was such a relief for us simple country folk. So why did we go back? The Bendigo Aunties were planning a shopping trip, taking the train into the city, so we decided to take the opportunity to see the centre of Melbourne without having the car. We spent the whole day walking around - down the south bank of the Yarra, and back along the north bank and around the city. There were only a few patches of sun (much to the photographer's annoyance) but at least it was fine. Although we didn't have time to go into any museums or galleries, we did get a good feel for the big smoke, and are convinced that we aren't city slickers!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Great Ocean Road

We really enjoyed the few days we had exploring The Great Ocean Road. We went back to the 12 Apostles three times to see them with different light. We definitely want to come back here and explore when we have more time.

Since leaving the coast we've been visiting friends and rellies, which has been really fun. Only two weeks until we get 'home', with a few more friend/rellie stops on the way.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adjusting to the Mainland

We’ve had a bit of culture shock coming back to the mainland. Traffic goes faster (and there’s a lot more of it), and the roads are wider and flatter! We drove between Tynong North and the eastern suburbs of Melbourne a few times last week and found it very bizarre to not be able to see mountains. It felt like the Great Western Tiers should have been out to the left and Ben Lomond to the right.
We enjoyed catching up with friends and family in and around Melbourne (thanks everyone for your hospitality). We stayed at Mill Valley Ranch (a Christian youth camp) and our car and caravan fitted in well with the historical feel of the place.

Getting out of Melbourne and to the Otway National Park was wonderful. We found a nice little picnic area beside a river that had been planted with California Redgums. Nowhere near as big as their California counterparts, but a reminder of our trip to the Sequoia National Park about 13 years ago. Autumn is the season of lichen and fungus, and we came across some great specimens on our walks.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Farewell to Tassie

We spent our last week and a half in Tassie in Burnie. We had a solid week of marking, but were also able to catch up with friends, mostly from Burnie Baptist. There were some great wet, cold and windy days to remind us why we're looking forward to winter in Qld this year, but there were also a couple of lovely sunny days. We fitted in an afternoon to the Rhododendron Garden

enjoying the autumn colours. Dazz spied a freshwater lobster in one of the lakes, and he kindly sat up on a rock near the surface of the water for some photos.

We're in Victoria now, and have begun catching up with friends & family. Next week we're off around the Great Ocean Road so stay tuned...