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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cooper Creek

We had crossed the Cooper Creek at Windorah, and flew over it running into Lake Eyre, but at Innamincka we finally put our kayaks in it.

Not long after leaving Innamincka we did our first tyre of the trip. We had stopped to look at something and Dazz noticed the front tyre had started going down while we were there. When he took it off there was a fairly pointy rock underneath, so we may just have stopped in slightly the wrong spot...

How mad is a cut snake? Not very if it has its front end run over enough so it can't see with its eyes or feel with its tongue. We couldn't quite stop fast enough to miss this one. Dazz did put it out of its misery once he realised it wasn't long for this world anyway.

We did a detour to the Dig Tree of Burke & Wills fame. This time Dad went kayaking with Dazz.

The Stzelecki Track

The Strzelecki doesn't actually start until Lyndhurst, but we started the day in Leigh Creek. Dad got a bit of a 'move along' at the Leigh Creek Coal Mine Lookout.

We had to keep stopping for lizards. Their camouflage is amazing once they leave the road.

Montecollina Bore - an oasis in the middle of nowhere

Another great meal, another great camp fire, another great day in the outback.


The gibber plains gave way to small sand hills for a while.

It was back to gibber plains just outside Innamincka.

Gammon Ranges

Dad was sick for their first few days at Wilpena Pound, so Mum & Dad wanted an extra night or two before we left for Innamincka. We were happy to oblige, as that gave us the chance to go out to the Gammon Ranges for two nights and do a day walk. The wild flowers were beautiful and Dazz even captured a mistletoe bird eating mistletoe!


It's been a while since I've posted, but we've done a lot of driving through a lot of country that's a long way from internet coverage. So, to catch up, we spent a few days at Leigh Creek marking, giving Mum & Dad the chance to go down and see the Flinders Ranges. In between marking we went down to Parachilna Gorge for a couple of nights to get our own fix of the Flinders. We had a great camp fire cooking day, walked up the mountain behind our camp and enjoyed a drive to Blinman and back through Glass Gorge.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This time we managed not to miss the turnoff to the Ochre Cliffs. The colours were amazing.

The rest of the Oodnadatta Track - to Marree

We saw this snake just in time to pull up before we ran over it. It stayed on the road for ages, just looking around, before sliding off into the saltbush.

Lake Eyre South

More sunset and sunrise photo opportunities for Dazz & Dad.