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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Alpine Way

We knew we could afford to have one more day off work, so we decided to use the 'full sun' day to drive up the Alpine Way to Thredbo. Since it was cloudy when we arrived, and there were some bushes just near us on the river bank, we didn't realise how good the view was until we drove just up the road!

The view from Scammells lookout

Tom Groggin campground


Dead Horse Gap

Leatherbarrel Creek

Geehi Flats

River camps

We had a lot of work to catch up on after our two weeks with Ellie, so we headed south from Sydney to Jugiong, where there's a great free camp on the Murrumbidgee River. It didn't disappoint, and this was a nice place to sit and relax after a long day of looking at the computer.

With 12 days to juggle work and get to Melbourne, after three solid days of work we drove further south to Jingellic, where there's a free camp on the Murray. It was overcast while we drove, and started to rain when we got there... a perfect excuse to spend Sunday afternoon watching Bathurst and snoozing!

After another day of work on Monday we had our shortest driving day for the trip - about 50kms to Towong, another camp on the Murray. The scenery along the way was stunning...

... and the camp site was impressive... right on the bank of the river.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The botanical gardens

It's no secret that we like plants, so the botanical gardens were the destination for our final day in Sydney. The setting was beautiful, with views of the harbour and the city, but we were more impressed with the gardens in Canberra.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Blue Mountains

Day 2 was the Blue Mountains. We arrived early to get the discount for Scenic World and made the most of it all day.

We started with the Sky Way and then walked around to Echo Point and the Three Sisters.

The line to come back on the Sky Way was too long, so we walked back via Katoomba Falls.

Then it was the train (at 52 degrees - incline, not temperature!) down to the valley floor.

While we waited Dazz noticed a wollemi pine in flower.

We loved the calm ambience of the rainforest in the valley as we wandered around the Walk Way.

We even saw lyre birds (this is the male).

We took the Cable Way out of the valley, and then had another ride on the Sky Way, standing on the opposite side to see the Katoomba Falls.

By this time of the afternoon the AFL grand final had started, and Dazz had forgotten to set the TV to record, so he and Ellie watched it on his phone while we waited in lines. While in the line for the train we asked the attendant if we could wait for the following train and go to the front seat, and she kindly obliged... giving us an even better view for photos!

 Our favourite photo of the Three Sisters was from the lower train platform.

Watsons Bay

We've never done much sight-seeing in Sydney even though we've visited friends many times, but this time Ellie was our good excuse. Day 1 was a trip on the train and ferry to Watsons Bay. It was a beautiful sunny, warm classic Sydney day.