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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Clare Valley

The reason we were on a time schedule from WA to SA was a pre-arranged weekend in the Clare Valley with Dazz's sister and brother in law.  We had a great weekend of food and wine tasting, and even did a behind the scenes winery tour!

The remainder of our trip revolves around visiting family and friends in Victoria and NSW, so there probably won't be many photos.  

The Eyre Peninsula

We had initially planned to go from Streaky Bay across to Port Augusta, and save the Eyre Peninsula for another trip, but we made good time across the Nullabor and had a day to spare.  After a few calculations we decided to add a couple of hundred more kilometres to the trip.  It was mostly overcast and showery down the west coast, but started to clear again as we came back up the east coast the following day.

Streaky Bay - before the weather set it

Cape Finniss

Lincoln National Park

Tumby Bay

Friday, October 14, 2016

Crossing the Nullabor

The 1200km crossing starts from Norseman.  The view from the hill above the town was interesting, showing clay pans in the distance.

The start of the longest straight road in Australia - 146.6kms.

There wasn't a lot to see, but we stopped at a few interesting spots.  This is a blowhole that is basically a 'breather' for underground limestone caves.

We had no idea we were on a tableland until we cam down off it!

Eucla was the end of WA...

... and a long way from anywhere!

Some of the cliffs along the Great Australian Bite

And the plain with no trees...


After 'playing' for the afternoon in the national park I had lots of work to catch up on the next day... but since it was a very overcast morning I wasn't complaining.  The sun came out in the afternoon so we spent a few hours driving around the Esperance beaches.  The water looked so inviting, but it was far to cold and windy to even contemplate swimming.

Cape Le Grand National Park

We hadn't seen much sun since we hit the south west of the state so when it was forecast to be sunny the day we were to arrive in Esperance we knew we needed to make the most of it.  We arrived at the caravan park at 10am and were back in the car by 11am, all set up, lunches made and snorkelling gear and wet suits  at the ready.  Lucky Bay, and the other beaches did not disappoint.  Although it was not the most spectacular snorkelling we did see some fish, a starfish and I saw the back end of a cuttlefish.

The granite formations and weathering patterns were really interesting.

Of course rocks mean lizards...

And the drive to and from the National Park was very pretty too.


Most of the last two weeks has been driving or marking, but I'm up to date with work so it's time to catch up on the photos...

After we put Ellie on the plane we headed east.  We spent a few hours in Kalgoorlie and had a look at the Super Pit gold mine. Huge!

You know you're in a mining area when a wide load takes up the whole road!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wave Rock

Ever since Ellie saw a picture of Wave Rock early in the holiday she was very excited to go there... and she showed suitable commitment to photographing it!

Hippo's yawn

I told Dazz I didn't want any more wildflower photos... but these were interesting.