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Sunday, August 28, 2016


We managed to tick most of the Dampier boxes in an afternoon.

The Burrup Peninsula

Petroglyphs in Deep Gorge - some sources said there are more than 50,000, and other say there could be 1,000,000!

 The North-West Shelf Gas Project

Red Dog

Watching the sun set over the iron ore loading facility

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Millstream Chichester National Park

We had seen enough photos of the Millstream Chichester National Park to know we wanted to spend a day exploring it, but hadn't done enough research to really know what to expect.  The crystal clear waters of the pool near the Homestead at Millstream were amazing, but there was no swimming there.  

We were pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to put our kayaks into Deep Reach pool, though.  It wasn't as clear and pretty, but it was still nice to be out on the water.

We drove up to Python Pool in the Chichester Ranges.  They were more like rolling spinifex hills with gorges cut through them.  The pool itself was quite small and less spectacular that others we've seen in the last few weeks.

The campground hosts told us about an Aboriginal art site not far from Python Pool.  After a bit of hunting we saw quite a few paintings on the sides of the cliff.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hamersley Gorge – our last foray into Karijini NP

The last part of Karijini to see was Hamersley Gorge, which we did in a day trip from Tom Price. The colours and patterns in the rocks were amazing.  There were some small waterfalls, but no reflections. 

We're also starting to see more wildflowers, which is a taste of what's to come as we head further south.

Tom Price

The thing to do in Tom Price is a mine tour, so that’s what we did.  It was an interesting hour and a half bus tour around the Rio Tinto iron ore mine, including a 20 minute stop at the lookout over the mine pit.

We also drove the 4WD track up Mount Nameless, which had views over the mine as well as the ranges.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Karijini National Park Day 5 - Mount Bruce

It's been a while since we've climbed a mountain, but we were still feeling good, even after all the steps up and down gorges, so Mount Bruce was not seeming like too much of a challenge...

... that is, until we got about half-way up and the early morning light breeze had turned into a roaring wind... and it only looked to be more exposed (read: even more windy) further up the mountain.

We retreated to a slightly more sheltered spot and had some morning tea, and decided it really wasn't an enjoyable experience and that we'd find something more fun to do... which turned into taking photos in the less exposed parts of the walk on the way back down.

According to the weather site Tom Price had 30kph winds all afternoon, so it would have been significantly more on the top of the mountain.  Although we were a little disappointed at not getting to the top we were very excited to be out of the wind... and we still enjoyed some stunning views.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Karijini National Park Day 4– The Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls Take 2

We had seen the whole of Dales Gorge the day before, but knew there would be better waterfall shots later in the afternoon when the sun was lower.  We spent a couple of hours at the Fern Pool waiting for the shadows to come across to get rid of the contrast and the last shot was the best.  

By the time we got back around to Fortescue Falls the reflections of the red cliffs we just perfect, and some of the shots picked up the blue sky too.  It was a most satisfying couple of hours!

Karijini National Park Day 3– Dales Gorge

Since we decided not to go back to hike Joffre and Knox Gorges that left two days for Dales Gorge.  While I caught up on processing photos (there were about 400 photos from the day before – and that was after Dazz had deleted a bunch!) Dazz caught a Western Bowerbird.

We then wandered over to Dales Gorge and started with view of Fortescue Falls, and then went down to the Fern Pool.  

Back at the falls, the track climbs down the ‘steps’ of the waterfall, and then goes across the bottom, so of course that means there are shots of the falls from all angles!

The trail then meandered along the bottom of the gorge for about a kilometre.  We spotted some painted finches, but they were a bit quick for a really good photo.

After scrambling up rocks we reached Circular Pool.  The pool itself never gets sun on it so there is an abundance of ferns.

It was quite a climb back out of the gorge at that end, and then we walked back along the rim in the late afternoon sun.