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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Too many titles

I know it's been a while - too long, in fact - but we're back. Over the last few months we've had a few 'gotta blog that' moments, but teaching and marking have taken precedence.

Title 1 - Semi-retiring, again
We only have three weeks of teaching left before we hit the road again. It will be almost two years to the day since last time we 'semi retired'. We decided that semi-retiring is such a great feeling that we'll keep doing it! We have a wedding in Melbourne on 20 March, and so we'll make the most of being down in Victoria and spend a few months poking around the high country and the east of the state. Knowing we were about to embark on another long trip meant we had to work out what we were going to do about a car, because we weren't confident that the old 'faithful' Jackaroo would be so faithful....
Title 2 - Once in a lifetime!

This is probably an accurate description of how often we will own a brand new vehicle! After much discussion and debate, toing and froing, umming and ahhing, adding up repair bills for various ages of 4WDs, researching different models and going around in circles, we decided that the best option for our motoring needs would be to buy a new 76 Series Landcruiser and plan to keep it for 25 years. We're really happy with our purchase - it's a very similar size and shape to the Jackaroo, so we'll be able to fit all our travelling necessities. The old roofrack bolted straight on, and many of our accessories have been (or are in the process of being) transferred over. The man of the house keeps saying how much he is enjoying driving it. No more clunks, rattles, shakes and shudders, and the power.... it even accelerates up a hill!!

Title 3 - Just in the nick of time...

The day we brought home the new car we were putting some of our stuff out of the Jackaroo into it. Dazz was looking under the bonnet of the Jacka, and now that we had something to compare it too, we decided it was really looking very sad. As he closed the bonnet he heard a rattle and a bump and looked down to discover the indicator assembly had fallen out. A sure sign that it was time for it to be put out to pasture! It's now been taped back into position so we can keep using the car to get us around the days that the Cruiser is in the shop getting accessorised.
So the next three weeks will be filled with teaching (for Leanne), marking and working on a few other uni projects (Dazz), and getting through a long list of things jobs so we are ready to go on 13 March. Well, I'd better get to it!