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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We've finally made it to Vietnam together, after Dazz going to teach three times on his own.  We've been busy with work (teaching and marking) but have managed to get around Ho Chi Minh City a little.

We went to a shop that did some amazingly detailed embroidery.  There were even screens that were the same on both sides... amazing.

Lots of great food!

The students took us to an amazing park for lunch, then we took a leisurely ferry ride back.

Another dinner out, this time on a night river cruise.

We used the day off classes in the middle of two weeks to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels from the Vietnam War.  It was good to get out of the city.  We saw buffalos and  lots of interesting combinations of people and goods on scooters - the baby on a high chair was a personal favourite!  (The pictures aren't great since they were from a moving bus with dirty windows.)

We passed on the snacks... 

Air vents for the tunnels were well disguised.