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Friday, June 26, 2009

Goomburra with the kids

A few weeks ago we took the kids (Leanne's niece and nephew) to Goomburra for the long weekend. They've both been there with us before and were really looking forward to going again. There was enough rain to make everything muddy, but we all had gumboots so didn't mind at all. Some of the highlights were the fire, chocolate cake from the camp oven for morning tea, pancakes & ice cream for lunch dessert just before we left and going for walks. Of course, the great marshmallow challenge every night was good too!

We've just about finished this lot of marking (hence the new post!) and today we're heading up to the Central Qld gem fields. No doubt there'll be more photos and stories shortly!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Almost famous

The other afternoon I should have been marking, but decided to have a break. I had a Caravan & Motorhome magazine DVD featuring Tassie on my shelf (borrowed from Mum & Dad's supply of magazines and DVDs) so thought I'd pop it in. It had come in the most recent magazine so no one had watched it yet.

They started off at Bruny Island and it was fun to see familiar places. As they showed fields of hops in New Norfolk area I had a flashback and thought the hops were at a similar height to when we'd been there. As I tried to work out what time of year it was I got side tracked by their footage of the waterfalls at Mt Field National Park. Then they showed the campground and I did a double take.

I yelled at Dazz (who was outside) as I tried to get my computer to pause and go back to find the spot. Dazz had no idea what I was doing as he came inside because I was tapping at the computer frustratedly, unable to string two sensible words together. Finally it appeared:

Us camped at Mt Field with Mum & Dad!

We did spend a fair bit of time inside while we were there as it was fairly cold and drizzly, so they must have come in and done their photo shoot and gone again without us even noticing! It's from Issue No. 128 if you're interested in seeing our rig in its movie debut:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in Toowoomba

We arrived home last Sunday night, surprising the family who expected us home the following Thursday. We changed our plans because Dazz's Aunty & Uncle had a change of plans so we weren't going to be able to meet them at the hot pools at Moree on our way through.

We had very enjoyable stays with friends at Ariah Park and Narrabri on the way home - thanks for your hospitality, and once again, sorry for any bad habits your kids have picked up from Darren!

Since arriving home we've had a full week of marking, but have also managed to do some modifications to the beds (making the space underneath easier to access) and have made new cushion covers.

This past weekend we celebrated Leanne's Grandad's 90th Birthday with a weekend at a Caravan/Cabin park at Maroochydore. It was a great weekend with the Uncles, Aunties, cousins (apart from one), spouses & kids. We have been blessed with a Godly heritage and that has shaped our extended family relationships.