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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting colder

Last week it was zero degrees inside the van when we woke up and the next morning it was -1... the pipes were frozen and the frost was thick and stayed on the ground for hours. So how do we keep warm when we get up (great sleeping bags take care of the cold at night)? Go walking of course! Liffey Falls was the destination that day and it was worth the drive and the walk.

We've done a little loop from Sheffield to Westbury, two trips to Launceston (the traffic in the big city is terrible... we're definitely country drivers now!), through Exeter and back around to Narawntapu NP . Yesterday we went into Devonport, so we really have completed the circle. Still so much to see and do in this circle though, and then so much more of the state to go...

Question - Are backyard fireworks legal in Australia?
Answer - In Tazwegia they are... and we enjoyed feeling just a little bit naughty with friends the other night as they tried out some of the bigger ones in the bag they'd bought. It really did feel like the neighbours should complain, but they were probably setting theirs off a few nights before on 'Cracker Night'!!!