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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fishing... if only there were photos!

A fishing licence is required for inland waters, and now that the season has started, and we were headed inland, Dazz became the proud owner of a full season fishing licence last week. Camping just a hop, skip and a jump from the edge of Lake Mackintosh provided the perfect opportunity for him to have his first attempt at trout fishing.

First, the preparation...
Find the fishing rod and reel (buried in various black holes in the car).
Get spinner lure out of the box.
Come inside van.
Go back outside.
Come inside again.
Go outside.
Find 'lost' spinner between pant leg and gum boot (missed the pocket).
Come back inside to get swivel.
Discover a whole box of fishing tackle that's been in the cupboard.
Go back outside.
Come back inside to get the other swivel thingy.
Go back outside.
Come back inside to get some snacks to take fishing.

Then the code...
"If I come back whistling this [whistles a made up tune] I've caught something."
"If I come back whistling this [whistles a different made up tune] I haven't caught anything."

Then ensued a period of peace and quiet with a crossword, to be rudely interupted by:
Stomp, stomp, stomp up the hill and bursting into the caravan - note there was no whistle - there he stood in the kitchen with half his clothes in hand.

What happened?
"I got a snag and fell in."
[At this point the observer started laughing, and laughed so hard she could hardly breathe.]
"It's not funny."
[More gasps, trying to breathe.] "But how...?"
"It's NOT funny."
"I need dry underwear."
[More laughter.]

This went on for what seemed an eternity before the truth emerged. He got a snag, took off his long pants to wade into the water to try to unhook it. Decided it was getting too slippery and deep (and cold), but slipped anyway as he came out.

The spinner was lost, and there were no fish that day.

In spite of this shaky start he has been fishing again, but I am still yet to hear the whistle for 'I've caught one'... not that I can remember how it goes, or how to distinguish it from the other whistle... I always jsut assume the whistle I hear is the negative one.