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Thursday, November 20, 2008

We’re finally back walking... and feeling it!

It’s been exactly three weeks since our Mt Field NP adventure walk, and today we’re feeling the effects of three weeks of sitting at computers and then doing a 15km walk. We’re both stiff and sore today, even though the walk to South Cape Bay was an enjoyable stroll with no steep bits or boulders to clamber over.

We spent most of our time marking at Bothwell, which was a friendly, quiet little town. Last week we stayed in Franklin for a few nights, and did some drives around the area. It was beautiful and green, in contrast to Bothwell, which was quite dry. The Huon River beckoned, but it was too windy to bother with the kayaks.

We’re now camped at Cockle Creek and are a stone’s throw from the water of Recherche Bay, with the calm, clear waters of Cockle Creek a few hundred metres away. Yesterday was sunny so we did the walk to South Cape Bay (nothing between us and Antarctica - and yes, the water was icy), knowing that rain was forecast for the next few days. It’s such a pretty spot that we’ll probably stay here a while, and try to do some kayaking and fishing.