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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I AM a woman!

Here’s just a quick story to keep you amused until I have time to put together a few photos from Easter at Greens Beach with our friends (marking is keeping us from more enjoyable pursuits just at the moment).

We’re camped on the Tamar River, just near the Batman Bridge, and the Protector of the house walked me down to the toilet the other night, since it was dark. As I disappeared inside the loo with my torch I heard the Protector say ‘This is the women’s’.

There was an undecipherable noise and then the Protector repeated, ‘This is the women’s toilet.’

‘I AM a woman!’ came the clear reply of the Irish backpacker girl camped just down from us.

Then followed much apologising because he couldn’t see in the dark, embarrassment for both of them, and plain old laughter on my part. One day the Protector is going to get us into real trouble…