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Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're back!

After a couple of long, hard weeks of marking we're back in the land of the blog. So, to catch up on the photos that have been sitting on the hard disk since they were taken...

After leaving Lake Eyre we had rain, with more rain and strong westerly winds forecast so we decided to make the most of a tail wind and head across to Menindee. The afternoon we arrived there were some dark storm clouds around, but they didn't bring rain to us - only some great photos.

Over the next few days the wind abated and the sun came out and we were able to enjoy camping right on the lake (Pamamaroo - just north of Lake Menindee).

The dirt road to Wilcannia was still closed from the floods (it opened the day after we left) so it was back to Broken Hill for a quick look around before heading east. We've left the real sight-seeing in the Broken Hill area for another time when we're not so rushed. We had a reservation at the hot pools in Morree with Dazz's aunty & uncle, so we were in a hurry!

Although the Darling River was back within its banks there was still plenty of water lying around. There were also plenty of birds around, but most didn't get close enough and still enough for a decent photo.

We saw the lizard on the road and screeched to a halt, surprised to find him in no rush to escape into the grass. He looked interesting from the outside, but when he opened his mouth he really put on a show!

Dazz almost stood on this little snake when he went to take a photo of the plowed field to the horizon. When he decided he was ready to move he was gone in a flash. Good thing he didn't go at the photographer...