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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Was this the culprit?

The scene - Bendeela Campground, Kangaroo Valley. Dinner time. A group of uni students from Wollongong camped not far from us.

The van begins to shake. "That's someone shaking the van!" Dazz bounded out the door, expecting to find one of our neighbours had already had too much too drink and thought it would be funny to harass us.

Nothing. Noone. He went around the van a few times (it was dark) and there was no sign of anyone scurrying away. No sniggers in the camp next door. Maybe a small earthquake? They have been known to occur in this part of the country. Then he noticed a large lump on the ground. A wombat... could it have been?

He pushed on the wheel in the manner he imagined a wombat would if he was scratching himself. "Was that how the rocking felt?" "Yep, that's it... it'll probably go on all night."

And it surely did. Every few hours we were woken to the gentle rocking of wombat scratching on a wheel. When he found the step at 3am, though, I think he woke the whole campground as it banged and clattered up and down.

Fortunately the little critter didn't wreck our plans for a long stay in that beautiful spot, as we were just out of internet range and needed it for marking... but now we've learnt what happens when you share a campground with wombats. Does anyone have any wombat repellent?