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Monday, July 4, 2011

Our annual family holiday to the Field of Gems

After a few weeks of long hours marking assignments we were ready for the annual holiday with Dazz's brother and family. Their neighbours came again this year, after missing last year's trip. We brought my nephew too. Once again there has been some great campfire cooking (three camp ovens going at once on a few occasions) including olive bread and cakes, roast chickens and of sweet potatoes in the coals.

The kids started off the week as the most successful fossickers, but Uncle Dazza trumped them all with another big one. We can only see through part of it, though, so we're not sure how good it really is. Off to the gem cutter tomorrow to find out...

The great thing about the gem fields is that you never know what wildlife you might come across (and I'm not just talking about the people at the markets, either).