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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cooper Creek

We had crossed the Cooper Creek at Windorah, and flew over it running into Lake Eyre, but at Innamincka we finally put our kayaks in it.

Not long after leaving Innamincka we did our first tyre of the trip. We had stopped to look at something and Dazz noticed the front tyre had started going down while we were there. When he took it off there was a fairly pointy rock underneath, so we may just have stopped in slightly the wrong spot...

How mad is a cut snake? Not very if it has its front end run over enough so it can't see with its eyes or feel with its tongue. We couldn't quite stop fast enough to miss this one. Dazz did put it out of its misery once he realised it wasn't long for this world anyway.

We did a detour to the Dig Tree of Burke & Wills fame. This time Dad went kayaking with Dazz.