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Thursday, November 17, 2011


If we haven't posted for a while it's usually a sign of being busy with work, and not doing anything interesting... in the last few weeks this has only been half true. Dazz has been EXTREMELY busy with work, but also doing very interesting things. I, on the other hand, have not been terribly busy, or doing anything particularly exciting.

There had been talk of Dazz doing a teaching intensive with the Masters program in Vietnam earlier in the year, but we weren't sure that it was actually going to happen. All of a sudden it was on, and he was rushing to get visas and travel organised. After much discussion we decided that I wouldn't go. He ended up working 10hour+ days for the two weeks, with the middle weekend to catch up on sleep, class preparation and do a few hours of sight-seeing. Although it was exhausting it was a great teaching experience.

We spent a lot of hours on skype, often while he was eating at restaurants. Seafood figured prominently. He tried a couple of different tropical fruits, including the famously stinky durian. Although he had told the other teacher they would definitely not be hiring motorbikes, he ended up on the back of the bike of one of his students when they took him sight seeing and shopping! And where do they park all their scooters - in the scooter park, of course...

Now we're up at Cotton Tree having a 'holiday'... oh, and doing some marking, and beginning to prepare for on-campus teaching that begins in December. Of course, doing all that is hardly a chore when the air conditioning is going in the heat of the day and there are views of the beach. Being able to kayak, walk and swim in the early morning and late afternoon is when we are really on holidays.