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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Birdsville Track

Two weeks of school holidays (plus a couple of extra days off school) is plenty of time for a 3200km trip to Adelaide via Birdsville... and we proved it with two nephews.  The pace did mean that there weren't so many photos at the beginning of the trip, but here's a taste of what we saw...

Chinchilla Weir - and it was a perfectly still evening and morning

Heading west...

A well used by Aboriginals... and yes, it did have water in it!

Deon's lookout - a favourite camp spot, even if it was a bit windy.

The rainbow serpent at Betoota.  It's head was further around the hill, but was in shadow.

Big Red, on the edge of the Simpson Desert.  The green in the background was a lake last time we were there!

The start of the track.


 Apparently the flies were really bad a few weeks ago...

 Mungeranie Roadhouse
 Pancakes on the campfire

 Experimenting with star trails

 We arrived in Maree in time for the camel races.

 Lake Eyre South


 The Mound Springs
 Windscreen damage
 Farina Ruins - another favourite campground

 The Ochre Pits, near Lyndhurst