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Friday, August 1, 2008

What a difference the weather makes...

… especially to the sea. A few fronts and a bit of wind and our crystal clear perfect little waves turned into washing machine suds! We walked up on top of the little headland and watched the waves pound in. There’s just something about waves…

The weather made a huge difference to our experience of The Blue Tier, too. It’s a small (by Tassie standards) mountain range just west of St Helens. The first day we went up was cloudy and the wind was blowing off the snow on not-too-distant Ben Lomond. We dressed for the occasion and really enjoyed our walk. The diffuse light through the cloud was great for photos of the lichens and sphagnum moss bogs.

The next day was sunny so we went back to do some different walks. The night had been clear so it was still a bit frosty when we started out. Unfortunately the air was a little hazy, so panoramas weren’t inspiring to the photographer.

There’s a coral-like lichen on the mountains around here which is supposedly know as east coast snow. We decided ‘mountain coral’ was a more appropriate name.

Remnants of tin mining on the tier… is this what our old Jackaroo has to look forward to???