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Friday, August 15, 2008

Another mountain... almost

Wednesday morning broke clear and sunny. 'Let's go!', 'Gotta make the most of a sunny day!', 'It might not get any better' and other such phrases were heard, and off we went.

By the time we got to where the walks started a few fluffy clouds had started to appear, and there was a bit of a breeze. By the time we were three quarters of the way up (that's 350 metres almost straight up) it was windy and the clouds were growing ominous on the other side of the bay. Once again the 'walk' involved scrambling over rock, only this time it was granite, and that means very, very slippery when wet...

The lead climber kept saying 'I'm not sure if you'll get up this bit', but the expedition coordinator did keep clambering and scrambling up. At about 350m it was a bit steep and a bit windy, so it was agreed the lead climber would go for the summit (with camera) and the coordinator would wait. A time limit of 30 minutes was set (but no clear instructions were given as to what should occur if lead climber had not reappeared by said time...).

At 35 minutes she started yelling, and a few minutes later he started yelling back. Success!! Unfortunately the prescribed time limit wasn't quite enough to go around to the Wineglass Bay side of the mountain, so the photo is of Coles Bay instead.
After sitting, waiting for half an hour the coordinator was rather cold, so a hasty retreat was made down the mountain so lunch could be eaten in the relative warmth of the car.
Since the expedition had only taken half of the day we stopped at Sleepy Bay on our way home. The clouds had started to clear (probably would have been beautiful views of Wineglass Bay!) so we had a nice afternoon wandering around taking photos there.