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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The beautiful Whitsundays...

Well, they weren't too bad the first day, so we went snorkelling off the beach in Bowen. There was quite a lot of sand washed onto the rocks around the headland but we did see some fish (we found out later that there was a reef just to the north of where we were... good to know for next time!).

The weather over the next few days did exactly what was forecast - cloudy and windy! We explored Conway Beach with our friends. The kids climbed the rocks, played soccer and flew a kite (unfortunately we didn't end up with any photos of that), and the more artistic ones took advantage of the 'outdoor art gallery' that Dazz created on the sand.

The next day the kids wanted to fly kites again so this time we went to Dingo Beach. It was so protected from the wind that there wasn't a puff of breeze!

The main activity turned out to be building a rock tower. The first one was a little unstable, but the second one looked better.

On our last afternoon we went for a drive out to Shute Harbour. It was still overcast and windy...

The day we left the weather started to clear... and it's probably back to its stunning best now! Fortunately we were there to see friends, not just the scenery. Maybe next time we'll have better weather!