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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Little Bit Quiet

Yes, we have been quiet for a few weeks as we've temporarily rejoined the ranks for those who are employed almost full-time. The bank account has been enjoying this far more than we have, but if the bank is happy then we can keep tripping.

Fortunately the weather has been fairly cold, windy and wet, so there haven't been too many days where we wished we weren't computer bound. We have had a few nice Sunday afternoon drives, with varying weather but all very enjoyable - Table Cape (Wynyard), Rocky Cape (between Wynyard & Stanley) and Guide Falls (south of Burnie).

Our house-sitting finishes on Sunday, so we're starting to think about where to next. We'll head back over towards the east, and probably go via the north-east coast. It will be nice to get back to walking and camping and not looking at a computer all day...