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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crunchy Shoes

I had a rather unique experience this morning. While lying in bed, Dazz reported on a frost outside. I looked at our Max Min thermometer, and... yep it was 2 degrees inside. Later when I stepped out of our snuggy little caravan (the little blow heater was working overtime) to go to the shower, my shower shoes were frozen. I was not overly enthusiastic about putting my delicate little pinkies into frozen thongs. Hopping from foot to foot on the snow white shade cloth I screamed at Dazz "quick do something.... I'm freezing alive". Fortunately the kettle had just been boiled. My hero dazz came to the rescue, swinging down from the caravan like Tarzan, he thawed my thongs with some lovely steaming brew. I slipped in the pinkies into my lovely prewarmed thongs, and a new morning rutiual was born. Sorry there are no pictures, but I wasn't going to dilly dally in my pj's while the thongs froze to my tootsies.