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Thursday, July 24, 2008

A culinary masterpiece

That's what the headline would have read if a food writer had joined us for dinner on our private beach yesterday. Fortunately there was no writer, so we didn't have to share our dinner.

It was my sister's birthday so it was the perfect opportunity for a bit of a party. She loves seafood, and the day started off sunny, so it would be the second round of abalone. Sadly for my sister, she's in Qld, and so missed her party. Sadly for us the afternoon ended up being cloudy, with just a sprinkle of rain towards the end of dinner... The food, however, was stunning.

Freshly shucked oysters with lemon, straight from the oyster farm just down the road. What could be better, sitting on the white sand, watching perfectly clear waves and eating large, plump, fresh, juicy oysters...

... Warm Abalone and Avocado Salad
Yes, the main course was stunning. After our first taste of abalone last week I thought long and hard about the flavours, had a look at a few online recipes and came up with an original.

This time the abalone was marinated in lime juice for a short time and quickly BBQ'ed in butter with a dash of oil. It went on a bed of warm rice with avocado chunks. The dressing was extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lime juice, a little finely chopped fresh ginger, a few leaves off my newly acquired 'lemon something' plant (forgotten the name already - not lemongrass), salt, and a goodly dash of Melemel (a mead infused with blackcurrent and pepperberry - a bit of sweet to balance the lime).

The flavours were amazing, and best of all, we decided they would go with numerous other varieties of seafood... maybe next time we'll try it with scallops...