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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another beautiful day, another crack in the chassis

After leaving Innes NP we decided to take a scenic route, criss-crossing the Yorke Peninsula. It was a lovely sunny day so we had to keep stopping to take photos of ruins. The lunch stop was near Port Giles, with stunning views back across the Gulf St Vincent to the Adelaide Hills. A routine check of the chassis (yes, that’s a new thing that’s been added to our long list of routine checks) revealed a small crack on the side that had been repaired sometime before we bought the van.

As we stood there eating our lunch, wondering which town would be best to head towards, a policeman pulled over to check if everything was okay. We must have just had that kind of look about us. He was a camper himself, and immediately crawled under to have a look. He pulled on this and shook that and emerged with the verdict that it would get to any of the towns on the Peninsula no worries. He gave us a run-down of who could fix it in each of the towns, and even offered to weld it himself if we got stuck!

So once again, with much prayer and stress we poked our way along until we reached our planned destination of Maitland. First thing next morning it was off to the welding works and another plate. The verdict was that the old repair had probably been a home-made job a lot of years ago, and wasn’t up to the extra strain placed on it when the other side was badly cracked. The guy who fixed it said he repaired about one chassis a week… I guess it’s no big deal to crack a chassis.