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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Fleurieu Peninsula

A conflagration of driving, not being able to run the generator in one camp spot (which limited the time we spent on the computer to the essentials), feeling the need to be out and about the whole time we were in Adelaide to make paying for a caravan park near the city worthwhile, and a few other adventures have put the blogging a little behind.

When we left the Coorong we thought we'd continue up to the end of the little peninsula to have a look at Lake Alexandrina. We found there was a free ferry (there are lots of free ferries across the Murray in SA) which saved us going back around through Meningie. It also meant we could walk around the only inland lighthouse in Australia, which marks the narrows between Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert.

After going through Murray Bridge (the sight of the first bridge over the River Murray), we camped on the river at Mannum. We went for a kayak up past where the house boats were moored. An egret sat majestically on a jetty as we floated past - it would have been the perfect photo, but we don't have a waterproof camera so the images we see when we're kayaking don't make it to the blog.

The next day it was down to Deep Creek National Park. On the way we detoured out to Hindmarsh Island to see the mouth of the Murray. It was a lovely day and we wished we had more time to go kayaking (as well as somewhere to wash the salt off the boats before we put them back on the roof - an important consideration now we have a new car!).

Most of the time we were at Deep Creek the weather was windy and showery. We couldn't use the generator so had to drive each day to keep the batteries charged. One benefit was that we saw a lot of the peninsula, and did a few short walks between showers. The rocky outcrops at second bay were beautiful and Dazz found this lizard on a piece of wood at the mouth of a litte cave.

The car easily did the steep track down to Blowhole Beach, we caught a glimpse of Kangaroo Island between rain bands and the remains of the Talisker silver mine were interesting.

There is a horse drawn tram along the 600m causeway from Victor Harbour to Granite Island but we enjoyed the walk while the weather was nice.

We were really struck by the lack of trees on most of the Peninsula (apart from the forestry plantations), and the widespread clearing that had obviously occurred for agriculture.