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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mt Remarkable NP

We both had marking to do last week, but there was nowhere convenient (i.e. free, where we could run the generator) to stop until after passing Mt Remarkable NP. With walks beckoning we put off the marking for a few days, knowing we would be extra busy squeezing it in before we were booked at Wilpena Pound.

The first day the weather was overcast and showery (again – seems like we’ve had a lot of that) so we chose a drive to the northern end of the park with a short walk through a gorge. After descending a few hundred metres down a staircase into the gorge we walked along to the first point of interest. There was a fine misty rain, so we sat in under a ledge in order to take some photos. It was only then that the photographer remembered that the camera battery was on the charger in the car. By the time we got back to the staircase to continue on the loop walk the rain had stopped and there were some glimpses of blue sky, so up he went to get the battery. The sun disappeared again, so the photos from the rest of the walk weren’t stunning, but at least we have photos.

We would have liked to have been up Hancock’s Lookout on a clear day, with views over the top of the Spencer Gulf, but we had even grander plans for the following day which was forecast to be sunny.

Mt Remarkable is characterised by scree slopes, according to the brochures, and this is indeed true. The walk was a steady climb of 6kms, looping back and forth across scree. Unfortunately the view from the top (and east toward the Spencer Gulf) is now obscured by trees but at least the views out to the east were magnificent all the way up and down. We also spied an echidna and a great lizard on our way down.