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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another hard day at the office

Another day, another steep, rocky mountain to climb, another cliff edge not to get too close to, another picnic lunch...

...And the boots need polishing, again.

We really enjoyed our days walking around Cape Huay, Fortescue Bay and Mount Brown. Our favourite walk on the Peninsula remains Cape Raoul.

With the walks done and more marking looming it was time to head north to a cheaper van park and prepare for the next part of our adventure in the north-west. We spent a couple of nights along the Midland Highway and really liked the historical buildings in Oatlands. The weather wasn’t great for photos, so we’ll have to go back. We stopped briefly in Ross to see the bridge – it was a real wintery day.
Now we’re happily set up at Turners Beach with laptops and cables everywhere. We even entertained visitors in the middle of everything the other afternoon (Leanne’s sister’s in-laws). We did tidy everything up for them the previous day for a scheduled afternoon tea, but they stopped in the next day and saw how things usually look!

We’re looking forward to going back to church at Burnie on the weekend to catch up with friends we made there while house-sitting, and if it’s a nice day we’ll probably go and see the rhododendron gardens.