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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Even the changeable weather is spectacular

On Saturday we went for a drive to Alum Cliffs and Devils Gullet. We took a back road to Sheffield and across the Gog Range. We love Mount Roland, and Dazz couldn’t resist stopping on the side of the road for a photo.

It was lovely and sunny at Mole Creek, but mist hung over some of the mountains to the south. We decided to go to Devils Gullet anyway, and the views were spectacular. Looking a few hundred metres straight down still made our knees wobbly even though there’s a platform and fence. We stood at the lookout as a light shower passed over and watched the patches of rain and sunlight on the snow covered mountains in the distance and the valley below. Cradle Mountain is on the far right in the panorama. This is definitely on our list of places to go back to on a sunny day.

On the way home the breeze kept the clouds moving which let through some brilliant shafts of light. There’s just something about this area this that continues to fascinate us and draw us back…