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Saturday, September 27, 2008


We managed to survive the wind on the west coast, but that was nothing compared to the wind on top of The Nut at Stanley! The walk to the top was hard work, and then we had a sprinkle of rain (we read everything there was to read in the reading room...). As we did the circuit at the top the wind would pick up and then subside, but I think that was more to do with how the wind travelled up the side and across the top than the wind speed actually changing. When we saw the fence we could hear the roar of the wind but it didn't feel too bad, but with each step towards the edge became harder - it was definitely the strongest wind we've ever experienced (yes, even stronger than Green Point at Marrawah).

A few days later we went back to Stanley and it was a beautiful sunny day. It was still quite hazy, though, so we decided not to bother going back up to the top.

We've just arrived in Wynyard and the tulips are beginning to flower. Even though it was overcast the colours were still spectacular.