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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Wild, Wet & Windy West!

We'd heard it was windy on the west coast, and our first night was about as windy as we've ever experienced. We were camped just behind a hillock, but that was all there was to protect us from gusts up to 100kph (according to the NextG weather). In spite of the fact that the caravan was buffeted we didn't sleep too badly. We did decide, though, that we wouldn't spend another night at Green Point, but would head down to the caravan park at Arthur River.
The sea was just as rough down there, but there is some kind of wild appeal that has kept us going back to The Edge of the World lookout in spite of the wind and rain. (This photo was from inside the car.) We are more sheltered in the van park, but there have been rain squalls and strong gusts of wind almost every day. The weather moves across so quickly that one minute can be beautiful and sunny and the next it feels like the van might blow away!

One afternoon we did manage a glimpse of the sun setting over the ocean - a novelty for east coasters like us.