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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Katherine Gorge

We had wondered how Katherine Gorge would compare to Lawn Hill, but due to the potential for salt water crocodiles in the first gorge did not get the chance to evaluate it from the water.  There is currently no kayaking or swimming in the first gorge so it wasn’t possible to use our own boats.  We could have taken the ferry to the end of the first gorge and hired canoes in the second gorge, but we didn’t like the idea of being restricted by time in order to get the return ferry.  With one full day to see the gorge we decided to do a longer hike, and didn’t regret our decision at all (particularly when it was quite windy on the water in the early afternoon).  We did about 13kms to the Butterfly Gorge, which went around the top of the escarpment and down into a small side gorge to water level.  The early morning light was beautiful on the way out, and the strong midday sun gave the rocks a totally different look on the way back.