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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Towards the Gulf

With no further gem finds to report, we packed up camp on Wednesday morning and headed for Muttaburra.  Yes, Longreach is the more logical destination for most people, but we have family in Muttaburra.  The recent rain gave everything a nice tinge of green. 

They’ve put up some interesting steel sculptures since we were last here.

We completely bypassed Longreach this time and took the Morella ‘road’.

This is what they do to wild dogs out here.

Last time we were up this way we’d been to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs near Winton, but Mum and Dad hadn’t.  After some quick research on the run when we came back into phone range we decided we could fit in a quick visit so Mum, Dad and Nathan could have a look.

Our stop for the night was a rest area on the side of the road about 80kms north of Winton.  We’d been travelling on flat plains, but the rest area was right near some rocky formations.  We got there in time for sunset, and then the boys went out to play again after dark, using a torch and some long exposures to create their own floodlight effect.

Even though the wind was really cold the draw of more photos pulled them out of bed for sunrise too!

Friday was a big driving day, but there was time for a few photos at the Walkabout Creek Hotel at McKinlay (of Crocodile Dundee fame).

We ended the day at another roadside stop north of the Burke and Wills Roadhouse in termite territory.