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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Ord River and Lake Argyle

The Ord River irrigation scheme and Lake Argyle are the heart of this area so we decided to do the tours of both.  We started with the cruise up the river, with the skipper/guide regularly stopping to point out birds or crocodiles (fresh water), or explain some aspect of the river system.

When we got to the dam wall we got into a bus to go across the top and had our first glimpse of Lake Argyle.

 Out on the water there were more crocs to see.

Man overboard!  Actually, just to the left of the picture there were many men, women and children overboard, choosing to enjoy their sunset drinks 'in' the water, rather than 'on' the water.

When it was almost dark the boat suddenly stopped and the skipper said this would be the best photo of the day... it was certainly very pretty!