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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Around Carnarvon

There will be a lot more wildflower photos as we go further south.  Apparently it's been a good season.  

We walked along the mile jetty in Carnarvon with Dad and Mum for Fathers' Day... Dad really wanted to ride on the train, but it had already finished for the day.

According to our research there was good snorkelling about an hour north of Carnarvon, just south of the Blowholes.  The information said it was protected, which it certainly needed to be because the wind was whipping up a decent swell.

We were relieved to see that it was indeed quite calm in the lagoon, but the wind was still fierce and the air temperature quite cool.  Unfortunately it was too cold for me to stay in very long, which was most disappointing because the coral was the best we've seen yet - a lot more colour and finer corals.  There were also heaps of sea urchins of varying colours, clams, lots of fish, a large bright blue starfish and after we got out of the water we saw a small reef shark!  I was wishing I'd risked my camera underwater, and if it wasn't so cold I probably would have gone back and go it, but once I was out of the water I was done.

On our way home Dazz spotted this thorny devil on the road.  He took some photos and then moved him onto the sand so he wouldn't get run over and took more photos.