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Monday, September 5, 2016


The drawcard of Exmouth is the Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Reef.  Since we’ve done plenty of walking on land we decided to focus on the water.  We started off with a kayak up Yardie Creek… in extremely strong winds.  We saw quite a few black-flanked rock wallabies, but we only had my little camera so the photos aren’t great.

We bought snorkelling gear so that we could take advantage of opportunities further down the coast too, and were really happy with the quality of what we got.  We snorkelled at three different locations over two days, but between the water temperature and the ridiculous wind it was too cold to stay in for very long.  My camera has developed a small leak and the screen went blank so I wasn’t sure if it was working, but kept snapping anyway because there were so many amazing fish.

We had to stop for wildlife a couple of times while driving around the national park.

We also drove up Charles Knife Canyon road and discovered why the road to the marine park goes around the top of the cape and not over these ‘hills’.

As we move further south there are more wildflowers starting to appear.