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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

In and around Manjimup

On the way to Manjimup we saw a sign for a sheep-cheese factory... so of course we had to stop:)

The caravan park provided a close-up opportunity for photos of white-tailed cockatoos... unfortunately they spent the day dropping pine cones on our roof...

The town has a great park, including this massive slide!

 And a flying fox.

Turns out our visit to the park was just the beginning of our climbing adventures.

The first of the climbing trees we came across was the Diamond Tree - the top platform is 52 metres high and Ellie and I made it to the top.

At least all of the rain means that paddocks are beautiful and green.

We spent the next few hours on the Karri Explorer Forest Drive.

This was water week in one of the streams.

The Beedelup Falls

The Bicentennial Tree is 75 metres high, but we only went to the first platform.  I wasn't confident that my legs would get me all the way up and back!

Although we were running a bit late we decided to make a dash for Point D'Entrecasteaux.  We just beat the rain, but the wind was fierce.

Cathedral Rock at Windy Harbour