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Monday, August 22, 2016

Karijini National Park Day 1 – Kalamina Gorge

So many people had told us how great Karijini is, so we were keen to do as many walks as possible.  After getting the brochures on all the walks we plotted our plan of attack and began with Kalamina Gorge.  We descended rock steps and were met with a rather flat walk along a pretty little creek.  

At times the track did get quite narrow but it wasn’t difficult.

There were lots of small waterfalls, and with the exposure time slowed down the reflections from the red cliffs, blue sky and green foliage became evident.

Dazz was also quite excited to find a small whirlpool at the bottom of one of the waterfalls, which made for an interesting photo.

We had a very pleasant couple of hours, and were treated to some lovely reflections on our way back up the gorge.