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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Horizontal Falls Day Trip

Months ago, when we first started planning this trip, Dad decided he wanted to do the Horizontal Falls trip, and of course he couldn't go alone (Mum doesn't like small planes).  Dazz very nobly volunteered to accompany him (I get too air and sea sick to spend a day on small planes and boats!).  They left at 5:30am and took a 4WD bus up Cape Leveque, stopping at the church in Beagle Bay with the pearl shell altar.

They visited an aquaculture hatchery and Dazz managed to capture an archer fish squirting at the bait pellet the guy was holding.
They boarded a sea plane and flew out over the Buccaneer Archipelago.

Of course they also had to do the helicopter ride.


And then they experienced the Horizontal Falls from sea level.

 Shark feeding.
There was another boat trip up a back creek.

And finally, the plane trip back to Broome.
 Amazing remote gorges.
Irrigated agriculture and communities in the middle of nowhere.