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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cape Keraudren

After about 340kms of driving through flat non-descript landscape, the second three nights of our beach holiday was spent at Cape Keraudren.  We chose a camp site overlooking a small bay, with 80 Mile Beach in the distance. 


Even though we're on the west coast, we were looking east, and could watch the sun rise over the water from bed:)

The colours at sunset weren't half bad either.

We spent each day exploring the rocky formations and beaches around different parts of the cape and finding interesting corals and shells.


The colour of the water was unbelievably beautiful.

Some really old mangroves.

There were lots of different birds.  This one is an osprey, on the prowl near sunset.

We had another crack at a star trail and were hoping to also get a meteorite in the picture, but unfortunately there was some light cloud.  It did make for an interesting effect though.  (And for the record, we saw ten meteorites in the 45 minutes we were watching.)

On our final night there was a little bit of cloud on the western horizon, which lit up for another lovely sunset.