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Monday, August 22, 2016

Karijini National Park Day 3– Dales Gorge

Since we decided not to go back to hike Joffre and Knox Gorges that left two days for Dales Gorge.  While I caught up on processing photos (there were about 400 photos from the day before – and that was after Dazz had deleted a bunch!) Dazz caught a Western Bowerbird.

We then wandered over to Dales Gorge and started with view of Fortescue Falls, and then went down to the Fern Pool.  

Back at the falls, the track climbs down the ‘steps’ of the waterfall, and then goes across the bottom, so of course that means there are shots of the falls from all angles!

The trail then meandered along the bottom of the gorge for about a kilometre.  We spotted some painted finches, but they were a bit quick for a really good photo.

After scrambling up rocks we reached Circular Pool.  The pool itself never gets sun on it so there is an abundance of ferns.

It was quite a climb back out of the gorge at that end, and then we walked back along the rim in the late afternoon sun.