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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Port Hedland

The road into town.

Port Hedland is one of the largest ports in the world in terms of tonnage, exporting Pilbara iron ore to the world.  We put the car in for a service on Tuesday morning and walked around the port area.  We watched as massive bulk carriers were loaded and then piloted out through the channel.  Dazz found a website that gave all the details of the ships, including how big they were, how much ore they carry, their current position and their destination.  We also watched a documentary in the visitors' centre that explained more of the loading process and history of the area.

With a line up of bulk carriers that can take 200,000 tons of ore, no wonder there's a constant stream of 2.5km long trains coming from and going back to the mines!

Of course one would expect to see flowers in an industrial area... and one of the parks had some lovely Sturt's Desert Peas.
While we were taking a photo of these interesting flowers on a tree the old guy who lived in the house came out and told us it was a South African Tulip.

There is also a salt 'mine' and huge pile, which is great for photos at all times of the day and night.

Our caravan park was on the edge of the beach and tidal sand flats so we collected shells and chased crabs.


 And of course there were some birds...

Who knew an industrial town could be so interesting?!