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Friday, August 5, 2016

Tunnel Creek

After quite a few hundred kilometres on a good bitumen highway we were back to dirt roads, but were pleasantly surprised to find it very recently graded… although a little dusty!

The entrance to Tunnel Creek is well concealed, but once inside there are some spacious caverns.

The section in the middle where the roof had collapsed…

Mum and Dad weren’t going to do the creek walk as they’d heard stories about it being slippery and a girl breaking her ankle, and Mum didn’t have shoes suitable for walking through the creek, but after Dazz and I had got to half I decided to go out to the carpark to see if I could catch them and tell them to come in, because it really wasn’t beyond their capabilities.  I caught them just before they were about to leave and kitted Mum out in my light-weight runners and we met Dazz back at the collapsed roof section.

We spent ages trying to capture a drop of water falling of a stalactite… this was the best we could do!

The light coming through from the end of the tunnel offered more reflection photo opportunities.

At the end of the tunnel is a very normal looking creek.