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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Karijini National Park Day 5 - Mount Bruce

It's been a while since we've climbed a mountain, but we were still feeling good, even after all the steps up and down gorges, so Mount Bruce was not seeming like too much of a challenge...

... that is, until we got about half-way up and the early morning light breeze had turned into a roaring wind... and it only looked to be more exposed (read: even more windy) further up the mountain.

We retreated to a slightly more sheltered spot and had some morning tea, and decided it really wasn't an enjoyable experience and that we'd find something more fun to do... which turned into taking photos in the less exposed parts of the walk on the way back down.

According to the weather site Tom Price had 30kph winds all afternoon, so it would have been significantly more on the top of the mountain.  Although we were a little disappointed at not getting to the top we were very excited to be out of the wind... and we still enjoyed some stunning views.