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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Windjana Gorge

Another day, another gorge.  We stayed at the Windjana Gorge National Park for three nights, with the intention of getting there late in the afternoon after visiting Tunnel Creek along the way, exploring Windjana gorge the next day, and then going for a drive up the southern end of the Gibb River Road on the final day.  What we didn't know is that each evening there was a 'bat and croc fest'.

When we did the Ord River cruise the guide had told us how the bat colonies dip into the water on their way out to feed in the evenings and the crocodiles lie in the water waiting to snap them up.  Well, we were able to see this spectacle three nights in a row!

The sky would fill with bats coming out of their day time roosts, and some of them would fly down to just touch the water. 
The poor crocs didn't have a great strike rate with only a few getting a bat each night.  This bat lived to fly another evening!
While waiting for the bats we were treated to some nice scenes of sun on the cliffs behind and reflections on the water.
 And once the frenzy had died down, calm returned.
 A new moon and a remote campsite gave the perfect opportunity for another attempt at a star trail.

Although the crocs didn't do much during the day, just seeing so many lazing about on the banks was quite amazing.